Welcome to the iTV Design 3D Simulation section of our website, where we discuss the OpenGL ES 3.2 technology and AEP (Android Extension Pack) in Android 5, 6 and 7 for Android TV SDK, Vulkan for Android 7.x, and the WebGL (OpenGL ES 2.0) and WebGL2 (OpenGL ES 3.1 and later) technology in HTML5 websites and HTML5 OSes, as well as the OpenGL ES 3.1 support in the JavaFX 8 multimedia engine that is now a part of Java 9 SE, Java 9 SE Embedded, Java 9 ME and Java 9 ME Embedded.

The iTV Design Agency has been creating i3D, or Interactive 3D, for the world's leading branded display manufacturers, for well over a decade, originally using the PDF (Acrobat 3D) format, long before HTML5 and WebGL added i3D capabilities to HTML5 browsers, HTML5 SmartPhones and HTML5 iTV Sets.

Hardly any advertising, marketing or branding agencies are leveraging i3D HTML5 WebGL or WebGL2 capabilities, much less Vulkan on Android, or even Lumberyard or Torque, so we are here to fill that void, and pull off the never before done i3D user experiences that are sure to blow end-users, customers, students, viewers, and clients away with the latest i3D game engine rendering technologies. Nearly a decade ago we created a Touchscreen HD iTV game (two if them actuyally) for Tyco Electronics for its Elo Touch Systems touchscreen manufacturing division for its use at international tradeshows.

If your company needs to use the latest 3D rendering technologies in an interactive, open source environment to accomplish your business objectives, contact us today at info@iTVdesign.com, and we will make it happen!