Welcome to the iTV Design Agency About Us Section. We are a group of i2D and i3D artisans and programmers who create custom HD iTV programs or apps containing interactive content for the consumer electronics product popularly known as the "iTV Set" or "interactive television set." Different manufacturers have different names for their iTV sets for trademark purposes, for instance, one manufacturer calls theirs a "Smart TV," and another calls theirs a "Connected TV." Whatever term you use for your iTV, whether it be Interactive TV, or Smart TV, or Internet TV, or Connected TV, or Intelligent TV, or even IPTV, the bottom line is always the same. Your iTV Set has a 64-bit supercomputer inside of it, and you should leverage that using interactive entertainment content!

The path to success in iTV content design and production requires seamless interactivity, perfect SEO, social media exposure and integration, high definition (HD) audio and visual assets, perfect visual quality, compact data footprint (high transfer speed) and engaging content. This is what we will create for our customers and clients, and we do it all "from scratch," using only the client brand (no clip media, no stock photography or stock video), and no "drag and drop" programming environments, such as WordPress, Flash, Unity, DreamWeaver, Frontpage or GoLive. Since we have 100% control (by scratch coding and creating all new media assets) we can reduce the data footprint (file transfer size and thus speed) of the iTV show, app, site, game, VR, AR, MR and similar 10X or more. Our iTV apps and sites referenced throughout this website are between 10 and 20 lines of code and between 256KB and 2048KB of total data used!

Contact us today, at" info@iTVdesign.com if you wish to have iTV content or iTV applications created for any of the popular iTV applications areas, such as: e-Learning, Entertainment, e-Signage, Product Marketing, Product Sales, e-Books, iTV Clocks, Retail, Edutainment, iTV Education, iTV website design, UHD iTV application design, HD iTV shows, HD iTV programming, iTV albums, iTV games, iTV MR, VR or AR, and similar, never-before-done, iTV application development endeavors. We have been creating the i2D and i3D content that the display industry manufacturers use to show what their products can do, so we have over a quarter-century of experience only in this area of expertise, both with digital signage content development and iTV content development. You may have seen our work over the past couple of decades at the CES or Comdex trade shows in the Center Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Thank You for taking the time to visit the iTV Design Agency website! The iTV Design Agency Management.