Welcome to the iTV Design Code Support section of the iTV Design website, where we outline the different types of programming languages that we support for the creation of interactive TV applications for open source, Linux-based, iTV platforms which are running an embedded Linux OS with either an HTML5 and JavaScript shell (HTML5 OSes) or a Java 8 and XML shell (Android 5, 6 or 7) better known as Android TV.

For the Android TV SDK Platform, which uses the 64-bit Android OS developed for using Android Studio 2.4 IntelliJ 2017 IDE and Java SE 8 programming language along with OpenGL ES 3.2. For HTML5-based iTV, often trademarked as Smart TV or Connected TV Platforms, we use the HTML5 mark-up language, along with the JavaScript programming language, the CSS3/CSS4 style sheet language and the WebGL i3D programming language based on OpenGL ES 2.0 or WebGL2 based on OpenGL ES 3.1. We also use the NetBeans 9 IDE for HTML5, JavaFX and Java 9 iTV application development, and Collada (DAE) and Framebox (FBX) file formats for i3D.

We "scratch code" iTV websites (HTML5), Android TV applications (Android 7.1 and Java 8), Smart TV applications (Tizen and HTML5), and Connected TV applications for our clients using the latest iTV content development techniques and new media asset development workflow. If you have come up with an iTV app or iTV website concept for your business, and need it made into a reality, contact us today using the M (Message) button on the remote control on the left side of the screen!