What is an iTV Set? An interactive television set is a new type of consumer electronics product available since 2012 that features a computer inside of a television set, which allows interactivity to be processed for the content. This allows far superior interactive content that involves the iTV viewer, such as games, iTV apps, iTV websites, and interactive 3D television programming, along with standard Internet usage and advanced 3D simulations such as MR (Mixed Reality), VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality). Today's iTV Sets run either an HTML5 on Linux OS, such as Opera OS (Sony Bravia iTV Sets, which now also support Android TV), Tizen OS (Samsung iTV Sets), Firefox OS (Panasonic iTV Sets), Ubuntu OS, or Android TV OS (Sharp Aquos), available with 64-bit Android 5.0 through 8.1.

Which Open Source Platforms and Programming Languages Does The iTV Design Agency Develop With? We develop iTV websites and iTV applications using open source HTML5, CSS4, SVG, and XML mark-up languages in conjunction with WebGL, Java, JavaScript, ECMAscript, and JavaFX programming languages on open source Linux, Android, Lumberyard, and HTML5 platforms.

What Multimedia Data Formats Do You Use to Deliver Client-Side iTV Content? We deliver iTV programs and iTV applications which leverage Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG for 2D Illustration), JPEG and Portable Network Graphics (PNG for Digital Imagery), MPEG-4 and WebM (Digital Video), MP3, M4A, OGG and FLAC (Digital Audio), and OpenGL ES 3.2 and WebGL 2 (3D or i3D) programming languages.

What Content Production Software do your Artisans and Designers Use? We use GIMP 2.10, Adobe Photoshop, and Fusion 9 for Digital Imaging, Autodesk 3D Studio MAX for 3D Animation, NetBeans 9 for HTML5 and JavaFX 9, IntelliJ 2017 for Android Studio 3.0.1, SILO 2.3.1, Moment of Inspiration, Blender 3D for 3D Modeling, Audacity 2.2 for Digital Audio, and DaVinci Resolve 14 for Digital Video.

What are the advantages of iTV Sets? Size (55 to 75 inches is 80 to 120 times larger than a smartphone), Security (Direct-Wired RJ-45, Wi-Fi, and FiberOptic are more secure than 3G or 4G), Cost (WiFi and FiberOptic Networks cost half the price of 4G LTE), Privacy (in the privacy of your own home), HD Audio (iTV Sets are integrated with audiophile home theater systems), Price ($150 to $500 versus $300 to $1500 for a SmartPhone), Heat (no exploding batteries, no overheating problems due to large size), Radiation (no 4G LTE radiation, and no close proximity of the device to your body), Comfort (on your couch or bed), Safety (mounted securely on your wall in your home, not left on the gas station counter). More of these considerations can be found on the iTV 2 U app-site which has nine sections outlining the advantages of iTV Set consumer electronics devices.