Welcome to the iTV Design Industry News section of our website, where you can read the latest iTV industry news. Several of the top companies in the computer industry, including Google, Facebook, Intel, nVidia and Amazon, now have iTV divisions to focus on this exploding new area of Interactive TV Content Design and Development. With prices falling on iTV Sets to a commodity range of $150 (32") to $750 (72"), billions of iTV viewers internationally are purchasing one or more iTV Sets for their home. Some businesses are taking advantage of these super-low prices and are doing their own digital signage using iTV Sets, and so our previous work developing digital signage content for the leading display manufacturers remains especially valid as well.

The CES 2017 was a hit earlier this year in Las Vegas, with 1920x1080 HD iTV Sets (also known as 2K iTV Sets) and 3840x2160 UHD iTV Sets (also known as 4K iTV Sets) leading the charge for all of the leading consumer electronics brands. We expect CES 2018 to be even bigger for iTV Set manufacturers. We'll be creating a new iTV 4K (UHD) Site in 2017 specifically for UHD iTV Set content. Our other websites all support 4K UHD content as well, as you will see. We've produced HD and UHD new media content for many of the leading display industry brands in the past, and we are currently iTV platform application developers for many of the major iTV Set products, with a number of client projects currently in iTV production for entertainment, digital signage, gaming, eBook publishing, and pharma clients.

We recently released HD and UHD iTV Set compatible www.iTVart.com, www.iTVsea.com, www.iTVmag.com and www.iTVclock.com, which are free and allow iTV Set owners to turn their iTV Sets into either a clock, aquarium or art gallery when they are not using them to watch movies or television series. These sites feature the highest quality imagery and load quickly on any network, as each page uses less than one megabyte of application data and 12 to 24 lines of code, which is unheard of in these days of one gigabyte YouTube.com hosted digital video. Not to mention that unlike YouTube.com streaming linear video, these iTV sites are interactive, and done in hundreds of times less data footprint, on client-side, not server-side. Our server transfers data packets; no streaming. Everything is processed by the iTV Set.

One of our iTV Application Programmers recently completed a contract with industry-leading Springer Nature to write the Pro Java 9 Games Development book title, covering both 2K as well as 4K iTV application development for iTV Sets and other IoT devices. Also released this year by the same iTV developer was an Android title covering Android TV, as well as second screen technology, so you can use your SmartWatch, SmartPhone or Tablet as a user experience controller for your UHD iTV Set. This same iTV producer has books covering iTV new media asset development, including digital painting, visual special effects (VFX), digital image compositing, digital audio editing, digital video, digital illustration (SVG) and HTML5 development.