Welcome to the iTV Design Sample #1 - www.iTVclock.com - Custom Wall Clocks section of our iTV Design Agency website. Time has never been so beautiful as with our iTV Clock website, which allows you to select from more than 150 iTV Set Clock Designs, to turn your iTV Set into a functional clock when you are not using it for interactive applications, i3D games, iTV shows, or watching movies. This section of our site will feature information on this HD and UHD iTV Set application which we designed called www.iTVclock.com, where you can go to turn your HD or UHD iTV Set into a Free Photographic Image overlayed with a 3D Clock. Each of the hundred or two designs loads in a matter of seconds once it is selected.

You can select from hundreds of different clocks in dozens of different catagories that you can use to make your iTV Set a fully functioning timepeice for your any room in your home, when you are not using your iTV Set to view movies, television shows or play i3D games. This allows iTV Set owners to show off the capabilities of their HD or UHD iTV Set when they are not actively using it, so instead of an ungly gray rectangle on the wall or above the fireplace, you have a fully functional 3D timepeice. Millions are enjoying this iTV clock application on their massive iTV Sets around the world.

All of our iTV Design Agency clients have the option to have their logos, games, eBooks, characters, shows and games turned into an iTV Clock for use on the www.iTVclock.com website, which will send millions of views from billions of iTV Sets worldwide to all of our client's products, generating revenues for our clients from the birth of this new iTV revolution that exploded starting at CES 2012 in Las Vegas.

As iTV Set sales continue to explode, and iTV Sets become more popular and are priced at less than $300, this www.iTVclock.com website will display billions of instances of its free custom iTV Clocks on iTV Screens in living rooms, bedrooms, dens, offices and kitchens around the world! Enjoy this fun and unique iTV application website on your own iTV Sets in the comfort of your own home if you wish! Thanks for Visiting the iTV Design Agency website. The iTV Design Agency Management.