Welcome to the iTV Design Sample #2 section of the iTV Design Agency website.

The iTV Art website was created using only 24 lines of HTML5, and uses a mere 1 megabyte of total data footprint per UHD resolution work of art, as you will see when you review this 4K (print resolution) UHD website, which can be seen at: www.iTVart.com.

The iTV content on this site has pristine, perfectly compressed quality levels, giving users 8 million bytes of rare art data using only one million bytes of data, or 88% less data with zero loss of visual quality. This allows artwork to load in only a few seconds, and turns the user's iTV Set into a framed work of centuries old artwork while they are not watching movies or television series.

This innovative www.iTVart.com website can be used by anyone who has an iTV Set connected to their wireless in-home router so they can access interactive TV content in a plethora of formats, such as iTV eBooks, iTV Music, iTV Games, iTV Programs, iTV Cookbooks, iTV Comics, iTV Clocks, iTV Albums, iTV Magazines, iTV 3D, iTV DJs and similar iTV entertainment resources which will all be accessible to iTV owners internationally via this comprehensive iTV Set interactive entertainment website. Our iTV Design Agency created the interactive TV user interface design and programming that is featured on this website, as well as many other iTV optimized HD and UHD fullscreen websites.