Welcome to the iTV Design Sample #3 - iTV Mag.com section of our iTV Design Agency website. The iTV Magazine Interactive Television Set Educational website is leading the way in teaching iTV consumers how to leverage the plethora of cutting-edge features of now affordable ($150 to $450 HD) and ($250 to $750 UHD) iTV Set products. There are 20 sections covering all aspects of iTV Set products, features, peripherals, tips, tricks and interactive content. The site uses both HD and UHD imagery and is fullscreen capable, and the code and content for each page is delivered in one 8KB data packet, using around one or two dozen lines of HTML5 code, for an amazingly fast response-time, resulting in a highly-optimized user experience on any HD or UHD iTV set with an Internet (WebKit) Browser.

It is important to note that there are a couple iTV Set manufacturers who are attempting to exclude the Internet Browser capability on the iTV Set homescreen, as they are attempting to sell paid streaming content at a premium rate, and exclude free Internet content from being consumed. These include companies such as ROKU and Apple, whose content can only be played on their devices, forcing users of their devices to purchase content from them. I even have a Vizio iTV Set that does not have an Internet Browser on its homescreen!

If you the iTV Set customer think that you (logically) should be able to access the Internet and free content on these interactive (computer in an iTV Set) devices, simply call these manufacturers, ask for the Customer Service Director, and voice your opinion. Ask them at the very least how you can download and install a Free WebKit Internet Browsing application, which they all have the capability of adding on their homescreen. along with the "pay for streaming content" services that are listed there. Any iTV Set with a computer in it is capable of running WebKit, under whatever OS they are running (Android, Linux, Windows, Mac, BSD, Unix, etc.).

The most popular WebKit browser is Google Chrome, and this should be part of Android TV and can be downloaded for any HTML5 OS iTV Set as well. The next most popular HTML5 browser is Mozilla Firefox, which can also be downloaded for open source HTML5 and Android OSes that are running on the Linux operating system. The third most popular browser is the Opera browser from Finland, which can also be downloaded for Android or HTML5 OSes on Linux, and any of these three should be easy to locate using the search function on your HD iTV Set.