Welcome to the iTV Design Sample App #4 - www.iTVsea.com section of the iTV Design Agency website. The www.iTVsea.com website is the underwater marine saltwater aquarium simulation coded especially for 4K UHD iTV Sets. This HTML5 application website (app-site) also works perfectly on 2K HD iTV Sets, automatically scaling to fit and iTV Set screen. This app allows HD iTV Set owners around the world to turn their iTV Sets into something free, peaceful, beautiful, and interesting to watch, when they are not using their iTV Seets for interactive games, interactive TV shows, i3D or even old fashioned "linear" (streaming) film or television show content. This site is completely free for home and commercial use (imaging this in your favorite restaurant) and is currently being used by millions to transform their UHD iTV Sets into a saltwater aquarium whenever they feel like it!

The iTV SEA website uses flawless rendered 4K digital imagery, digital image compositing, animation, ECMAscript programming, and much more to create a scalable, undersea saltwater (marine) aquarium experience for every HD iTV owner on the face of the planet. There are around a dozen different undersea locations available for the UHD iTV viewer to choose from, and the "data footprint" for this enjoyable application-website is around one megabyte per page load (less than 12MB for the entire HTML 5.1 application user experience), so it loads very quickly, even on an old modem connection, and in seconds on 4G or wi-fi, and immediately on fibre-optic or direct wired RJ-45 connections. If you want to do secure transactions on your iTV Set, use the RJ-45 jack on the back to plug the iTV Set directly into your router, avoiding any "over the air" transmission, such as 4G LTE or W-Fi, which are not secure.

Notice that the appearance of sea life and other animated elements becomes more random as time goes on, so that the sealife is never in the same position, just like in real-life. We are still working on the code, assets and audio for this website, but since everyone internationally loves it so much, we thought we'd get version one up on-line, so that folks and their families (and their pets - my cats watch it all day) can enjoy it. We will of course be adding new sea creatures and props and the like as time goes on to improve the realism of the app-website, but if you show it to your animals and your kids I think you will find that it is a center of fun and entertainment just as it is now. And it makes your iTV Set look fantastic day in and day out! Want something this huge and cool created for your brand and business? Contact us today and let us know what you want, and we'll vaporize it right out of thin air.