Welcome to the iTV Design Sample App-Website #5 - www.iTV2U.com for the iTV Design Agency website.

The iTV2U.com website is a website that explains the advantages of the iTV Set device (Screen Size, Data Security, Safety, Speed, Cost, Price, Health, Thermal/Heat, HD Audio, Connections, Theft, Loss, etc.) over the SmartPhone device, as well as other smaller and more mobile devices. Mobile has been covered in sales many times over, but large, secure, affordable, safe in the comfort of your very own living room devices are going to sell billions more, and quite rapidly during 2017 and 2018.

The iTV 2U Website was created by the iTV Design Agency in 2017. This website explains the plethora of advantages that iTV Set devices have over SmartPhones, SmartWatches, NetBooks, e-Book Readers, Tablets, Laptops, Notebooks, Set-Top Boxes, USB Dongles, and even Personal Computers. Once people realize how superior the iTV Set user experience (UX) is, and that millions of iTV Sets are going to be selling like hotcakes for between $75 (32") and $275 (60") on Black Thursday through Cyber Monday this year. The iTV Set is the future of entertaiment and commerce. Why? Primarily because everything is so visual at between 4 feet and 8 feet in size, even fine-print is not possible, so you never get scammed!

How about security, you might ask? Wi-Fi WPA2 was recently shown to be compromised, and 4G is not secure either, so can iTV Sets be secured? The answer to this is "if they have an RJ-45 network cable port" as most if not all do. This is the same port (looks like a large telephone jack) that all computers have, and if you have your PC plugged into your home router, your PC is not using wireless to send and receive its data. The same goes for your iTV Set! Simply get a $1 RJ-45 cable and plug your iTV Set into your (cable/satellite/DSL/Internet) router, and turn off the Wi-Fi, and Voila! Secure data transmission. Can you do that with your smartphone, Tablet or e-Book Reader?! Nope. PC, Laptop or iTV Set?! Yes, you can. And, you should!

These issues and a dozen more are outlined on the iTV2U.com website, and many of them iTV Set owners have not even thought about. And every single one of them is important in its own unique way, so be sure to visit the iTV2U.com website and thyink about what you have in your living room, bedroom, study, den, family room, outside entertainment area, home theater, kitchen, home office, basement, attic, restaurant, office, hotel room, trade show, convention center, meeting room, retail outlet, fast food shoppe, or any of the other hundreds of places that HD iTV Sets are installed.