Welcome to the iTV Design Sample Website #7 section of the iTV Design Agency website. The FunWatchFaces website is a fun iTV website where you can find WatchFaces for your favorite SmartWatch model or WatchFaceApps for your SmartPhone LockScreen or HomeScreen or for your Tablet LockScreen or HomeScreen.

This iTV Design Centric WatchFaces website is done in less than two dozen lines of code per page and around a megabyte of data footprint, making it extremely fast and responsive across any network from 3G to 4G to Modem to DSL to Cable to Satellite to Fiber-Optic.

If you would like to visit the www.FunWatchFaces.com website, simply click on this link, to open the site in another browser tab or window, depending on how your browser is configured to work. Enjoy! And thanks for visiting! The iTV Design Agency Management.