Welcome to the iTV Design Sample Website #7 - www.FunWatchFaces.com section of the iTV Design Agency website. The FunWatchFaces website is a fun iTV website where you can find WatchFaces for your favorite SmartWatch model or WatchFaceApps for your SmartPhone LockScreen or HomeScreen or for your Tablet LockScreen or HomeScreen. So yes, we can code SmartWatch and other IoT apps! The reason for this is that scratch coding apps and sites for large screens (4000 pixel iTV Sets) takes the same math and experience as coding apps and faces for small screens (480 pixel SmartWatch Faces). See: Pro Android SmartWatch (2015) from Springer Nature (Apress imprint) which was written by one of our multimedia producers.

This iTV Design Centric FunWatchFaces website is done using less than two dozen lines of code per page and around a megabyte of data footprint, which is relatively unheard of in this day and age of one gigabyte WordPress websites. This hand-coded approach makes this smartwatch website extremely fast and responsive across any network, from 2G to 3G to 4G to Modem to ISDN to DSL to Cable to Satellite to Fiber-Optic. We are doing watch faces for HD and UHD iTV Sets as well, with animated iTV clocks in development for 2018 for both Android TV as well as HTML 5.1 OS iTV Sets.

If you would like to visit the www.FunWatchFaces.com website, simply click on this link to open the site in another browser tab or window, depending on how your iTV browser is configured to work. To switch between multiple sites on an iTV Set, use the Fullscreen Button to toggle in and out of fullscreen mode, and use the tabs along the top of your iTV browser to select different pages. Enjoy! And thanks for visiting! The iTV Design Agency Management.