Welcome to the iTV Design Sample Website #8 - www.ePublishi.com - HD and UHD Interactive eBook Production section of the iTV Design Agency website. The ePublish Interactive (AKA ePublishi) website features HD and UHD i3D eBook Design and Data Footprint Optimization services for popular eBook formats, such as EPUB, PDF, Kindle and Kindle Fire, as well as for eBooks that we are producing for HD and UHD iTV Sets, called "iTV eBooks." As one can see from the www.iTVbook.com, www.iTVeBook.com and www.iTVeBooks.com websites, HD and UHD eBooks are going to be one of the most significant content consumption areas of this new and exploding UHD iTV Set phenomenon. We produce eBooks, and one of our digital artisans has over a dozen major titles published worldwide by Springer Nature.

The ePublish Interactive website features an interactive 3D design and special effects, all done in 2MB of total data footprint. This website has not yet been converted to iTV Set format, but as iTV eBooks explode in popularity, chances are good that we will redo this site for fullscreen iTV Set widescreen format sometime in 2018. Right now, there are just too many apps, sites and industries that want to put their content onto HD iTV Sets.

The reason iTV eBooks are going to be a game changer on iTV Sets as well as widescreen laptops, tablets and eBook readers is because they can be highly-optimized (created in only megabytes), be highly interactive, and exist 100% on the "client-side." This is the exact opposite of streaming media, which is massive (gigabytes), and has to be "served" from the server-side. This involves expensive streaming servers to be added as your audience increases. With a "captive" client-side iTV eBook, the eBook is purchased and 10MB is downloaded all in one simple transaction, and you then own your eBook forever, as if you had purchased a hard copy book. You can enjoy it as many times (thousands if your family wishes) as you like, without having to pay to stream it over the Internet again. The iTV Set device is going to completely transform your life, with its larger than life screen, incredible IMAX-like resolution, and Stadium-quality 24-bit HD Audio system you have connected to it.

Be sure to contact us today if you want to have your eBook optimized, illustrated, made 3D, made into a widescreen iTV format, or made interactive. This will of course enhance the UX (User eXperience) of your eBook readers by an order of magnitude, and the massive iTV Set size will make text far more readable than a small 5 inch to 10 inch screen would. HD 24-bit audio is another factor which will enhance the eBook UX significantly along with the brilliant graphics.