Welcome to the iTV Design Sample Website #9 - www.SmartWatchFun.com section of the iTV Design Agency website bridges the iTV Set viewers to the SmartWatch wearers to make sure that all those iTV apps that are your favorites on your HD iTV Set are also available on your SmartWatch. SmartWatches and iTV Sets are two of the fastest growing segments of the consumer electronics market, and will be for the next several years, as everyone who is going to purchase a smartphone, tablet or e-Book reader has already done do, whereas people are still discovering smartwatches and UHD iTV Sets. Don't forget, folks tend to purchase several SmartWatches (for different outfits) and several iTV Sets (for different rooms in their home). Also, these devices at a couple hundred bucks are far more affordable than the others.

The SmartWatchFun website is an iTV resolution website that covers the exploding SmartWatch marketplace. We will be converting this website to include more iTV features as the iTV Set marketplace continues to explode in 2017 and 2018, as iTV Set prices plummet from thousands of dollars to between $200 and $500 dollars, which is two times less than a laptop or PC tower and 3 times less than a smartphone. At the same time, most websites are WordPress and use the center 40% of the screen and scroll endlessly up and down, completely ignoring the far superiod widescreen screen real estate supported using the fullscreen HD and UHD iTV Set format.

The opportunity for iTV content is therefore massive, due to most formatting their content, apps, and sites for the vertical (portrait) screen shape, when the more comfortable (and 100 times larger) HD and UHD "widescreen" iTV Set format is the logical format to use to review secure, important information (banking, legal, retail, communication, etc.) as well as entertainment content. This is why all of our clients use this format, why we produce for this format, and why all of our own content uses this format. You will see portrait eBooks transmute to widescreen eBooks, scrolling portrait websites will change over to touch-based (UI centric) fullscreen widescreen HD format, portrait apps will become widescreen apps, and games already use the widescreen format across the board, with one or two exceptions.

Clocks and WatchFaces are not only valid for SmartWatches, as viewers will want an astounding timepeice in every room of their house as well. Time is one of the most important components of everyday life these days, as things tend to be fast-moving and on a tight schedule. That is why we created the www.iTVclock.com website, so that folks could turn their HD iTV Set into a cool timepeice when they are not using their iTV Set for other apps, sites, shows, or games. As iTV Set sales explode, so will interactive content that leverages its capabilities!